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Monday, 1 October 2012 | 06:15 | 0 comments
If any Nanyang girl is reading this (I will be fairly disturbed if the is any) try singing it to the tune of 毕业照 from our 95th anniversary. I composed this when I'm supposed to be studying for exams whelp.
Anyway sorry for the inactiveness I'm studying.
/hurls self out of window

"All those years, standing with you by my side,
All the memories the tears and laughter together we all shared
Close your eyes and remember those best times that we had
Now that we're parting may all goodwill be with you."

"Parting ways-- it was never so difficult like now.
As I tried to bade my goodbyes
Maybe one day we will meet again
But by then we've all matured."

Back in time, your first day in Nanyang
That excitement that you had felt do you still recall it now
In a blink of an eye four years had already gone by
Before you now lies your life that nanyang helped to shape

"Parting ways-- it was never so difficult like now.
As I tried to bade my goodbye.
Maybe one day we will meet again
But by then we've all matured."
Friday, 21 September 2012 | 06:08 | 0 comments
Currently composing an  English version of 毕业照 from the 95th anniversary

We just learnt our graduation song today and I almost cried. I think I am going to be an emotional wreck by the time I graduation.

I really really don't know since when did I become so sensitive and emotional about everything. I used to watch tragedy stories with a poker face while people beside me cried. Back in those primary school days when it was P6 graduation everyone else was crying and I was just standing in a corner giving an extremely apologetic look that reads i-am-so-sorry-but-i-really-cant-squeeze-out-tears. I think this phenomena only started this year, in the second half of the year, after I started watching Doctor Who-----


But really Nanyang gives me a totally different feeling. Even the school feel so alive and moving. I got hurt badly there, but I made some important friends too. I cried for the first time in school there, but I also laughed till I get stitches.

I think I am grateful to all of it: every single bit of my time spent there, be it moments that are sad, angry, confused, lost, depressed, happy, exhilarated, blissful. To be honest although the former few outweighs the latter, I am still glad they happened.

Maybe I will even forgive my form on graduation day.

Why why why wHY---
Thursday, 20 September 2012 | 20:32 | 0 comments
If there is one thing that sucks worse than being sorted into the last category in your class grades list, that is not being sorted anywhere at all.

So today during chinese lecture our class is divided into 3 groups: The As, the Bs and the Cs and below. For some freaking reason I haven't been performing well in chinese this term (its fucking embarassing okay.) and I winded up in the last category. So I was walking in depression to the lecture hall and when I reached there, they said I am NOT in the list, and neither am I in the B category as well! But I as so positive my form teacher put my name in the Cs and when she saw me she told me I am in B. I was trying to explain to her that the teacher in B said my name isn't on the B list. Guess what, my form teacher impatiently dismissed me because she is BROWSING ON WEIBO (fyi its like twitter for China). She sound really annoyed and dissed at me because I am interrupting her scrolling and putting up a very bitchy frowny face, all while her eyes are trained on twitter.

But luckily the teacher who is in-charge of taking the As kindly took me in. I love her omg, her voice is not as high and she let me get the point.

Okay I've been tolerating my form for a really long time but this is the last straw. As a teacher she shouldn't place Weibo>students (I mean, times there are when I use my iPad in class but it is when either she isn't talking directly to me and often nothing of importance at all). She once mentioned my name to another class when I failed my failed my situation writing, citing me as a negative example. I mean, I don't mind if she used my marks but holy is it really necessary to point out my name?! That is degrading alright, I have no idea how to face that class anymore (it is next door somemore ugh) and I have to collab with some of them because of some scholarship thing. And as if I am not annoyed enough, she have to constantly use me as example for bad writing in my own class. (It isn't just me, she used so many other students who are weaker in chinese and make the situation so awkward that I wish she could just shut up for the sake of my classmates)

Screw this shit my Chinese isn't bad at all even, I just keep writing out of point and hence losing all the marks. But that does NOT mean she can just humiliate me, credits to her I really hate the subject now (the language is nice tho). And I'm not even being sour. Getting low grades is one thing, I don't really mind that because I will try to figure out where my problem lies. I won't hate a subject because my grades are poor... But getting low grades and humiliated at the same time is another, it is so demoralising and now I'm not motivated to do anything remotely Chinese-ish at all.

Maybe she doesn't know its humiliating. But she should.

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FITBF 20/19/12
| 09:05 | 0 comments

1.  Over this labor day weekend I will be     Fishing with CITRU5 on Saturday! Sort of farewell party for Jay darling ;3; as for Sunday.... MUGGING MUG MUG ughhh

2.  With the political debates going on right now, my thoughts are    I'm officially moving to Mars if Romney become president welp

3.  Today    Will try to be more productive and do more revision work sobs
4. The best thing I've cooked recently was      Instant noodles? Sad D:

5. The last thing I bought was    Five yellow smiley wristbands for my penpals

6. The best movie I saw this summer was    Avengers! It was amazing oooooh yes
7.  The best book I read this summer was    Tolkien's LOTR trilogy and the Hobbit! Both are amazingly wonderful. That man created a world himself.

To-do list and a bit of rants
| 07:00 | 0 comments
I've reached this state during revision where nothing could go in and every tiny details of something remotely un-academic seem so inspiring and interesting to me. I've been browsing through a lot of crafty websites and saw tutorials to make pretty things AND OH GOD I JUST WANT EXAM TO BE OVER AND MAKE THEM UGHHHHH. I don't know there is always this extremely annoying problem of being very lazy and uninspired during the holidays, wasting them away and then when school start all ideas start flowing back. It is so SO SO annoying.

Things I am going to do in the holidays:

  1. Start an art appreciation blog (Featuring quotes, DIY, tutorials, pictures etc etc)\
  2. Preparation for London!!
  3. Make Xmas presents for people! There are about 20 people on my list now and I'm still open for more. If anyone want something for Chirstmas just drop me an email address before December 10. Don't be shy! Christmas is a time of giving. 
  4. Make eraser stamps
  5. Experiment jumping clay
  7. Fanarts--DW, Sherlock, SPN SO MUCH MORE
  8. EOY 2012 badges
  9. Get more penpals
  10. Socialise more (hahahah who am I kidding.)
  11. Get involved with some environmental projects
  12. Design notebook pages.
  13. Doctor who badges---giveaway
LOOK GUYS. LOOK AT ALL THOSE THINGS THAT I WANT TO DO. How am I supposed to concentrate on studying if I had all those thoughts going through  my mind concurrently as I try to figure out R  Factor. It is as good as asking me to ride a unicycle playing guitar and blowing a harmonica at the same time.

Also I would like to clarify one thing that has been bugging on my mind now

"What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger"  

This above really inspiring quote is actually said by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, and NOT KELLY CLARKSON WTF. I hate it when people make typographies like this:  

Seriously? I usually like quotes+pictures but this one uughghghggh. Honestly I hate that song because it has  associated such a meaningful lyrics with nothing but a pathetic love affair, and singing it out for self-comfort and jealousy.  This quote is known everywhere for the wrong rerasons! So nowadays kids only know quotes because they were influenced by overrated mainstream songs about breakup and such? Not to be a prude but---look at a higher levels guys! If even breaking up = getting killed, aw jeez you have been living in too comfortable an environment.

Alright I get it I get it I hate things that get way too mainstream beyond what they are actually worth.


  is a brilliant person. His theories seem interesting enough and I'm planning to search up on him after EOYs. GREAT ANOTHER TO-DO ON MY LIST. I'm pretty sure he didn't came up with that quote after breaking off with his girlfriend or something.

C'mon my fellow peers, surely you are better than worshipping a quote from a wrong source.

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UK schedule!
| 04:46 | 0 comments
Posting this for the benefit of my lovely penpal Flora :D
Also I'm really really really excited I'm probably the first in my ancestry to step onto the otherside of the world ooooohfasfjkasdfsadfs (*v*)
 Bank of England! Oh my maybe Moriarity will choose this day to break into the vault qahahaha

Now if I am excited about something (i.e whole trip) I'm definitely so pumped for the BBC studios! Its really my favourite boardcasting studio in the whole entire world sobs
Also 17th Nov DIY! FLORA I'M SO CATCHING YOU THAT DAY (or rather you are catching me hehehehe)

Bleh I'm leaving on the 18th for Oxford? How should I fit in time to see Charlotte too wehyy

Rest of the trip :D

Lomography attempt no. 1!
Wednesday, 19 September 2012 | 04:13 | 0 comments
My lovely roommate has the graciousness to lend me her sexy lomo camera :D And I had the chance to play with it a while back. Well there are a lot of mistakes with distances and focus. But hey! It is my first ever try so there is a very legitimate excuse for that.

A very poorly shot photo of my lovely roomie ;3;)
But there are some decently shot pictures when my luck was better. And I love the effect! The architecture shots are especially pretty because they are not moving. The good shots are actually pretty clear and HD and  definitely has a chic-er feel than digital photographs. My parents however think that it is a total waste of unnecessary money and time, when you can easily take digital ones. Besides, they argue, you never know what you took and may end up getting unpleasant results, with ugly photographs, and you have to spend time travelling to get it printed etc etc. But what the failed to see is that it is the time and risk that we took that make those analog photographs more worthy and precious.That is the beauty of lomo, every shot is a mystery until you print them out. My parents just can't see that. And it is really sad. D:

Alright alright mopping aside, let me share with you those pretty photos I snapped. :D

Amy in her OM shirt.
Focus argh focusssss yep Xingzhi sorry I will try to take a better shot next time :/

The frantic rush before art coursework's due date!

School canteen!

Below are some school shots which I am very pleased about. :D I love my school's architecture. The colour combination and structure made it more like a elegant mansion instead of a boring dusty old school. I love it. It is really the prettiest school in Singapore. Whoops if I have stated that already haha

Taken from the bus. You can see the feel of the trees gushing by while the building remains unmoving.

勤慎端朴——Our school motto, which means Diligence, Prudence, Respectability and Simplicity.

Various shots from around my beautiful school :D

LRT station in Singapore (Petir), which is something like mini-trains haha :D

Aaaaannnd  I am just going to pic spam some random photographs that I took for try out, not really successful though hehe. Some poorer shots, including a few taken at night (Which technically I'm not supposed to but well.)

Watercolour palette

City hall at night.

A typical train view
My room is never getting neat :P

That's all! Lomo is such a wonderful hobby! I think I'm just bringing lomo films to London this year haha. Maybe I have to give up on buying Doctor Who CDs afterall, since rolls aren't cheap D": Nuoooooo well I'm getting the soundtracks at least then D:< Maybe two years later I will go UK and get my CDs then, at the same time proving myself a loyal DW fan!
I shall conclude with the blurrest picture of myself taken on the bus hahahahahaha. ghhfasf.

Peaceout (Y)

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